Pokerpreneur & NVRFOLD Programs

“Pokerpreneurship is a way of thinking to evaluate opportunities, assess risks, and make calculated decisions. Sometimes we make the right choice and lose; stay focused on the process, continue to play your A-game, and you’ll be a winner.”

Depending on your business needs and objectives, we cater our programs to give you the best return on investment. During these events, we use poker as a tool to understand important business concepts followed by a poker tournament to reinforce what we’ve covered, as well as have some fun!
Business Training – Learn winning poker strategies, successful mindsets, and leadership skills to increase motivation, performance, and business growth. Great for sales teams that may be showing a lack of motivation like not opening up new accounts, low volume of calls, or a decrease in customer acquisition rates.
Team Building TournamentPoker tournaments with professional dealers and tables that adds to the experience and development of your organization. Great way to engage your team and build your company culture, helping with communication and allowing people to work together at their best.

Business Poker Functions

Client Appreciation Event – If your business is looking for new ways to engage your clients, a poker tournament may be the best thing you can do. People are bored of the same old things, and are looking for new was to connect. Invite your current clients, prospects, and team for a fun evening of poker.
Company Team Building – If your staff is not clicking, or communication in breaking down, a poker tournament combined with some training can be a fun way to energize the team. Employees will appreciate the opportunity to learn about poker strategies and how they apply to being more effective in their professional roles.

Charity Poker Tournaments

Your Not-for-Profit, and businesses that support a 501c3, may be looking for new ways to connect and have an impact. Depending on your goals, we can an either add on to your existing event, or create the foundation for a new one.
Much like a charity golf event, poker tournaments raise awareness in the community, as well as attract new donors and sponsors. These events create a win-win experience for everyone involved.
Poker is a game that anyone can play. People love the opportunity to compete in poker tournaments because it gives them a chance to test their abilities and sharpen their skills.
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