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Poker and Leadership Strategies

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mali Phonpadith on the Soar Community Network Podcast. In this podcast we chatted about  what a Pokerpreneur® is and my company, Aces Raise. We discussed how we use poker as an analogy to help people and businesses make better and more profitable decisions in their business and

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Applying Poker Skills in Business and in Life

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on C-Suite Success Radio by Sharon Smith. Listen to the full interview below! Pokerpreneur A Pokerpreneur is someone who takes Poker concepts and applies them in business and in life. As a Pokerpreneur, I teach decision making and critical thinking through the use of poker. Gambling vs. Calculated

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Knowing When to Fold in Poker and Politics

In poker, most successful competitors only play 15-30% of the hands they’re dealt. They play “tight aggressively,” meaning that players only play a limited number of hands, but do so aggressively by betting and raising often. There are some other very good poker players who play more loosely, between 30-50% of the hands they are

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