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#SCNSOARSummit interview on #LegacyLeadership

Interview with Mali Phonpadith, CEO of SOAR Community Network about the upcoming SOAR Community Summit Friday, October 27, 2017. What does Legacy mean? Legacy is something bigger than yourself, it’s what you leave behind for future generations. This could be family, business, or even a philosophy legacy. Who inspired and challenged me to act bigger than

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Poker and Leadership Strategies

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mali Phonpadith on the Soar Community Network Podcast. In this podcast we chatted about  what a Pokerpreneur® is and my company, Aces Raise. We discussed how we use poker as an analogy to help people and businesses make better and more profitable decisions in their business and

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Applying Poker Skills in Business and in Life

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on C-Suite Success Radio by Sharon Smith. Listen to the full interview below! Pokerpreneur A Pokerpreneur is someone who takes Poker concepts and applies them in business and in life. As a Pokerpreneur, I teach decision making and critical thinking through the use of poker. Gambling vs. Calculated

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