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Knowing When to Fold in Poker and Politics

In poker, most successful competitors only play 15-30% of the hands they’re dealt. They play “tight aggressively,” meaning that players only play a limited number of hands, but do so aggressively by betting and raising often. There are some other very good poker players who play more loosely, between 30-50% of the hands they are

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Persistence To Execute A Dynamic Long Term Strategy

  The journey towards success is a path met with choices, challenges, and celebration. We don’t simply stumble upon our goals by accident. We shouldn’t just sit back and wait to magically hit “lotto numbers”. Instead, we should focus on what we want as well as on what we can control. This is the approach that makes anything

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This article was originally featured in Proview Magazine – Summer 2015

Understanding Gambling vs Calculated Risk

If you are a poker player of any experience level, you probably have heard Kenny Rogers’ song “The Gambler,” perhaps on the radio or in the current commercial for insurance. Kenny offers some of his own advice with the lyrics, “you got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em”. To paraphrase,

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This article was originally featured in the Proview Magazine - Winter 2015

Adjusting your approach based on the situation

Although there are many similarities between poker and business, sometimes the strategies contrast. At the poker table, the basic premise is to figure out how your opponent is playing, and then beat them by using a counter strategy. However, the business world is not a zero sum game, and opportunities can easily be win-win. Collaboration amongst teams and

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Acting Courageously in the Face of Fear

As a young boy, I thought courage meant acting without any fear. However, after a conversation I had with my grandpa, Elwood Silverstone, I realized that courage means acting in spite of fear. Given that today is Independence Day, and the fact my grandpa introduced me to the game of poker, this is an appropriate story

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