Meet Josh

“I remember as early as two years old, sitting at card tables learning how to play poker with both my grandfather and father. I always enjoyed games and sports. I was a talented chess player, who in 6th grade, came home with a trophy as a winner of the Washington Post Chess Tournament.
I’ve always had a games way of thinking; enjoying sports and socializing in ways that created fun and dynamism for everyone around me. Over time, it became natural for me to take what I learned from games and sports to apply strategies and tactics for everyday decision-making, especially as I entered into the corporate world.
My professional background is in management consulting specializing in sales and business development. Now, I am a full-time Pokerpreneur. I play in the World Series of Poker tournaments and coach poker players at any skill level. We use poker as a tool to help businesses up their game and motivate entrepreneurs to become more successful at leading their organizations. For more poker strategy and winning mindsets, contact me and my team for an initial discussion at”


“Josh is one of the best poker minds I’ve ever come in contact with. He’s literally changed the way I think about the game, instilling a confidence in myself which has allowed me to play against higher-level competition in both tournaments and cash games. He has taught me that thinking outside the box requires you to outwit your opponent much of the time regardless of your holding… you can’t just sit around waiting for premium hands, this is a losing strategy in the long run. Josh is also extremely detail-oriented, constantly providing you with multiple perspectives on hand-analysis. He has sent me countless videos to supplement his teaching, proving to be invaluable in my understanding of how professionals view the game of poker.” -Marc Rubman
“I play poker occasionally and like many people hate losing. In an effort to improve my playing I spoke to Josh about my strategy and was extremely impressed with his insight and advice on how I can improve. He offered to give me a follow up tutorial and I jumped at the chance. I sat down recently with Josh to learn more and was absolutely blown away with all of the things he taught me. Josh is knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about helping you learn. I asked a million of questions and he was able to answer each one expertly. We went through multiple poker scenarios and he adeptly guided me through each one. I walked away a better poker player and have seen the difference when playing at a table. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their poker game.” -Kevin Baumb


Josh has more than 10 years of sales and marketing experience. He has held multiple management positions, consulted for multifaceted businesses and successfully owned a previous company called Silverstone Innovations, an internet marketing company. Josh enjoys supporting organizations and causes that make a difference throughout the community. He stays pretty active and continues to volunteer whenever possible.


Here are some of his affiliations and where he has spent and continues to spend his time when he isn’t coaching pokerpreneurs:
  • Active member of CEO Space, an entrepreneurial organization meeting 5 times per year bringing in top business advisors from all over the world. At these forums, members learn how to best communicate their ideas, get feedback, and network.
  • VP of Poplar Run HOA, Board of Directors
  • Devotion to Children “Cards 4 Kids” Committee Member
  • Member of the Young Professional Leadership Group (YPLG)
  • SOAR Community Network Member
  • BCC Chamber, New Execs Committee & Special Events Committee
  • Fraternity, Zeta Psi Executive Board, Brotherhood Chair