About Aces

“Everything I Know About Business I Learned From Poker” -Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos & Author of Delivering Happiness: A Path To Profits, Passion, and Purpose

Values & Philosophy: 
Any player can become successful if they want it bad enough, believe they can have it, and are open to shift their perspective.
Aspire – A desire to achieve a goal.
Connect – Link and unite together.
Educate – To improve and develop.
Aces Raise uses poker as a platform to bring like‐minded individuals together and teach them strategy, communication and relationship building skills. We also customize and create corporate events using poker strategies to foster stronger communication between team members as well as increase employee engagement and retention.
Our philosophy is that work and life can be balanced when we make room for fun and camaraderie. Our clients are professionals, executive leaders and entrepreneurs who have the right mindset for success and want to learn from, connect with and grow professionally with other pokerpreneurs.
We offer poker related programs that create unique opportunities for our clients to become better professionals, communicators and leaders.
What is an Ace? An Ace is the highest card in the deck.
Who is an Ace? A person who excels at a particular sport or activity.
Who is part of Aces Raise? People who are interested in learning the game or currently playing poker but wish they had more time. Our community is comprised of professionals and leaders who have entrepreneurial spirit.
What is Aces Raise all about? Our goal is to coach you through straightforward strategies and tactics that help make better sense of the game. We help you play better poker while also teaching success strategies that can be applied throughout your personal and corporate life. We help you continue to develop, grow and work on your game!
If you’re not getting the results you want, think about joining the Aces Raise Community.