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Idea MindTeams

If you're an entrepreneur, solopreneur, coach, business owner, or expert of any kind, you may want to consider the power of creating a high performance team of people around you. Initiation includes an assessment debrief so members communicate effectively. Trained facilitators run meetings with an agenda focused on helping members advance towards their goals.

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Business Training

If your organization is suffering from lack of motivation, or if poor communication is stifling performance, we will create an experience that engages and energizes your staff. We work with organizations of all sizes using poker as a tool for team building and creating a fun and positive culture that will benefit all facets of your business. Learn leadership and business development skills thru the game of poker.

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Poker Tournaments

If you're hosting a poker event to raise money for your charity, raise morale for your employees, or raise awareness of your business, we will help you plan and execute the perfect poker tournament. We customize the blind structure, provide poker dealers, cards and tables. Depending on your goals, we can even help you with the marketing of your event and services.

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